Kitchen Knife
Gift Set
From generation to generation our work is making knives.
And of course following the most updated tecnology as artisan class.
Our stailess steel knives steel knives are equipped with a special cutting blade following an elegant line so to stand up on any table and in any kitchen.
We use the best materials available on the market and of course following the rules we must keep upto in trade.
From our catalogue you can find any article for kitchen, from the simple knife to beautiful sets of knives as a gift idea.
And of course we cannot forget ham holders with marble base or beech wood base.
We are not going to stop here. We want to transfer our experience of making blades in making industrial blades. In fact we are working with many important firms in this branch and we solve various problems in shearing, sharpening and gear cutting machine.
We garantee the quality and the work made in Italy.
Ham Holder
Industrial Blade
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